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Better Bootstrap Preview: Design Tips to Make Bootstrap Beautiful

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Better Bootstrap Preview: Design Tips to Make Bootstrap Beautiful

Weston Walker
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Better Bootstrap Preview

This is a preview of our upcoming book - Better Bootstrap

Tired of using bootstrap CSS but not being confident if the UI your building actually looks good?

Better Bootstrap is a series of design tips with code examples to teach you how to make professional looking UI's while still using Bootstrap CSS.

UI Design is Hard

Especially if you are not a designer. That’s why CSS frameworks like Bootstrap are so popular.But the Bootstrap components you copy and paste from the documentation have flaws.These flaws are holding back your designs!Better Bootstrap corrects these flaws and helps you make better UI's with Bootstrap.Get the Better Bootstrap book and:

  • Learn design principles to take with you for the rest of your career.
  • Get code examples to put these principles into action.
  • An improved bootstrap component library to use as you please.
  • Have confidence in what your building.
  • Fix design mistakes only a pro would catch.

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